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Advertise With Whitewater News

Many of you have asked how you can help with the paper. The best way is to advertise. As a publisher, I have committed to our editor 45 hr/month. That is not sufficient hours to produce the quality product Alexander is producing for us. He is volunteering the remaining hours.

Our goal is produce a quality paper that connects all of us in Whitewater Region. You can help by taking an ad. Along with Alexander, I am a volunteer too!

To make the process simple there are two types of ads at this point.

    1. Public Announcements
      Cost $75 / week and every additional week $50/week
      Ad Size 2000 pixels(wide) X350 (h)pixels in JPG, PNG or GIF
    2. Online Side Bar Ads Shown on every page
      Cost $35 / week and every additional week $25/week
      Ad Size 300 pixels(wide) X600 (h)pixels in JPG, PNG or GIF
    3. Hard Copy Only
      Cost $20 / week (3×4) and up to $60 for half page
      Average of 170 copies sold each week in Whitewater Region
    4. Online and hard copy
      Cost $50 / week
    5. Announcement Ads shown only single section
      Cost $10 / week hard copy
      $35 for hard copy and online
      One Image: 500 pixels wide in JPG
    6. Obituaries and Obituary Thank you’s are Free

If you need help laying out the message, just send it to us ([email protected]). It doesn’t have to be an ad. It can simply be a birthday message or just a note saying you want to support our local paper.

Thank you for your continued support,
Joe Kowalski