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Terry Fox Walk raises $4950

The Cobden Terry Fox walk at Logos Land on September 18th received over 60 donations totaling to an amount of $4,950 Rainy skies threatened the...
a black and white photo of a white man with curly hair, a tshirt and shorts running along a paved road. His right leg is a prosletic.

42nd Terry Fox Walk on September 18th

The 42nd Cobden Terry Fox Walk takes place on Sunday, September 18th at Logos Land Outside of Cobden. This is will be the first open,...

Forester’s Falls Resident Organizes Petition to Council over Road Upgrades

Forester’s Falls resident Harry Aswal organized a petition in order to bring issues regarding the state of roads and construction in Forester’s falls to...
Photos Taken or Submitted by Alexander Leach. September 8th Council Meeting via Youtube, with Mayor Moore at top right on screen, remotely attending due to testing positive for COVID-19

Public Meeting on Cottager’s Appeal for Garbage Pickup Fee Exception

Joseph Grunwald spoke in a public meeting before the Council of the Township of Whitewater Region, to ask the Council to make an exception...

Regular Council Meeting September 7 2022

The Township of the Council of Whitewater Region met on September 7 at the Municipal Town Hall in Cobden at 4:47pm for the Regular...

Story Addendum: The Past, Present, and Future

The following is an addendum to last week’s story, “The Past, Present, and Future of the Eganville Leader”. In addition to last week’s story, Eganville...

Ross Museum Guide To Move On

Alexander Leach, Editor Clark Burger’s time as guide for the Ross Museum in Forester’s Falls was gone too soon, he said. “I have only been here...

Cobden Fair August 26-29 2022

The 163rd Cobden Fair opens on August 26th at the Astrolabe Road Fairgrounds in Cobden, just off the highway. The fair lasts for three days...

The Past, Present and Future of the Eganville Leader

Gerald Tracey, Editor in Chief of the Eganville Leader, doesn’t have any formal training in his field. “I never went to school for journalism.” he...

Former Soldier Holds Pembroke Art Show Benefits Robbie Dean Center

Former soldier Jack Baker found art to cope with his PTSD, and organized an art show at the Nook Creperie on Monday, August 22. Seven...