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Cindy Bennett

Two years have passed this Earth of ours

Like it was on hold for an invasion we could not see

A virus called Covid invaded our space
Changing the lives of you and me

At first it seemed like a short interruption
To our lives as we had known so well
Then it reared its ugly head
And so began a living hell

Death was at almost every door
It did not discriminate
The young, the old, the in between
And soon we began to hate

The meaning of the corona virus
Became frightening just hearing the name
The world had been affected
For sure nothing would be the same

Faces were replaced by masked humans
The term six feet apart replaced a friendly hug
Expressionless looks were everywhere
Because of this elusive bug

Families became strangers by keeping the rules
Government imposed upon us to keep us safe
Birthdays, holidays and the joy of a new birth
Missed because of living in this new way

Tempers flared as new variants came
And kept us from getting on with our lives
Then a vaccination was found
Everyone giving high fives

But the vaccines did more than protect us
It divided family and friends once more
Some claimed propaganda and lies
Others rolled up their sleeves and swore

That the virus could be halted
If we all just did our part
How could a vaccine cause such a war?
And divide so many hearts?

Now a new world has emerged
One of trouble and strife
We can not just go back in time
This is a whole new life

Business has changed as we knew it
Finances, jobs and governments too
Items we take for granted each day
No longer come easy for me or you

Children have suffered great losses
With schooling and making friends
Social skills and family ties
The list goes on, there’s no end

Adults did not escape this war
Mental health is also on the rise
Moving forward seems so hard for some
Look beyond their mask, it is in their eyes

Pets must be mentioned too
How many were given up due to cost
Owners are not the ones to blame
They have to live with their loss

The government lifted the mask mandate
Telling us to move forward with care
Some will have an uphill battle
So if you can, remember to share

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Cindy St. Michael Bennett