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Alex Got Lost: Old Ruins Edition


Alexander Leach, Editor

One thing I love about traveling is finding old ruins.

I love seeing derelict buildings from the side of the road, or even going through them when I feel the need to brave trespassing and tetanus.

Usually, they suggest a sad story, with the family that once lived there abandoning them to move on.

My dad liked to talk about the old houses around the neighborhood. I grew up in Micksburg, where the old general store sat crumbling and unused until this year, when it was finally torn down.

I don’t know the story of this particular wreck, but it’s certainly not a two-story anymore.

Send an email to editor@whitewaternews.ca if you know where this building is. The right answers will be featured in the next issue.

Disclaimer: Alexander Leach does not condone trespassing or tetanus. Commit or contract at your own risk.