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Announcements May 5 2022


Councillor McLaughlin said the library board were having a mother’s day draw, and encouraged others to buy tickets.

Councillor Mackay said that the Spring Chicken 60km race leaving from the Cobden Fairgrounds.

Councillor Nicholson said that the Seniors pilot program had upcoming events May 9th in Beachburg and Friday may 13th in Haley united church.

He said that there would a total of seven events in May, ranging from ‘social opportunities, information opportunities, and meals.”, and that information was available on Facebook.

He thanked Don and Tom Farnell and the Beachburg Lion’s Club for donating a bench to be placed in front of the Beachburg Pilot location.

He also said that the last resident displaced by the 2019 flood had moved back into their home, and praised Osiah Horst for assistance in giving the individual access back into her home.

Councillor Mackay said that the Councillors should all praise Nicholson for his efforts in the flood effort, to applause.