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Beachburg Weighs In on Deer Contest


Alexander Leach, Editor

BEACHBURG – Beachburg hunters gathered at the Beachburg Fairgrounds to award hunters for the largest deer on Saturday, November 21st at 1pm.

Over dozen people attended, wearing masks. Organizer Gary McLaughlin said he kept the invitation list short due to pandemic restrictions and safety.

“People were anxious to get out.” He said. “I don’t think it’s direct affected hunting. Hunting is, dare I say, a solitary sport.”

All of the money goes to maintaining the Beachburg hall, he said.

His brother, Jeff, was the principal organizer and President of the hall committee, and set up several door prized that were raffled off after the winners were announced.

“He’s been busting his *** organizing this for the past three years.”

Hunters had to register before the beginning of gun season, and then submit notable kills.

All of the prizes were donated from the community, McLaughlin said, including at $250 knife from Murray St. Amour, who handcrafts the knives.

“I’ve been donating them every year since this started.” he said. “Close to 28 years.”

Gary McLaughlin said they’d raised $699, and had 26 entries weighed, despite the pandemic.

Categories for bucks, does, and juniors were presented.

Winner of the Juniors was Kyle St. Amour at 140 pounds, with second going to Conner Reist.

“It just feels really good to get up in the morning for it.” Kyle St. Amour said.

Winner of the Does was Doug Shultz at 139.9 pounds, with second going to Michelle Mcleese and third to Janice Dick.

Winner of the Bucks was Brandon MacDonald, winning a MacMillan Taxidermy mount for the animal valued at $600, with second going to Alvin Boisevert and third place to Jim Gilchrist.

The knife and other door prizes were raffled off, with the knife going to Adrian Veryken.