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BORCA’s working hard on the new Lavallee Bike Park


WHITEWATER REGION (Beachburg) — Busy days have been had at the Lavallee bike park at the end of Cardel Street recently, which has all been made possible because of local support. Smiths Storage in Pembroke hauled earth from Hedgeview Farm Organics and DJ from N.J.L. Services LTD worked the machinery to make a new pump track and some rock features. 

“We are thrilled to be creating such an incredible recreational amenity for all to enjoy,” wrote Cameron Dube on the bike park’s Facebook page. He said it will include a 12′ by 16′ timber frame shelter, wooden and dirt mountain biking features, a composting toilet and more.

The Beachburg Off-Road Cycling Association (BORCA) began building the Lavallee Bike Park in the Village of Beachburg last year after partnering with local business and Beachburg Public School. BORCA decided to remove the old pump track at the Beachburg Fair grounds. They said taking care of two tracks became too time consuming.

The old pump track was created in 2009. It was made possible by Danny Buchanan Sand and Gravel, the Township of Whitewater Region and Valley Contracting. Jim Martin was the excavator operator, known as being “extraordinaire”. 

The Lavallee Bike Park is turning into a place for all to enjoy. It is situated in a fun, safe and community-oriented environment. The bike park is set to include mountain bike specific features for all ability levels, including a shelter/outdoor classroom and a composting toilet. 

Helmets are mandatory for everyone, including parents. It is a smoke and vape free environment. The park is managed by BORCA, but maintained by all who use it. “Keep it clean,” pleads the association. 

Photo by BORCA. From left, Lily, Jess Barton and Blake. This Beachburg family held a plant sale fundraiser for BORCA trails and proceeds went towards the Lavallee Bike Park. Brad is not pictured.