Christmas in Whitewater


    Alexander Leach, Editor

    I have little to say this year, despite my column firmly stating that I, in fact, have Opinions.

    Christmas is difficult at the best of times. Gift-giving , cooking, and family togetherness – the latter of which may vary in difficulty depending on one’s level of introversion – can increase one’s daily stress to ‘scream at the wall/stove/cat’ levels.

    With a pandemic that we’ve had to deal with for two years, including a new variant that threatens to overwhelm our hospitals again, it looks to be another surge of cases, followed by a tightening of our public activities.

    For now, I am mostly just content to stay indoors, drink coffee, and ignore the piles of snow building up on my car, except for when I have to inevitably deliver the Whitewater News.

    Since Santa isn’t willing to deliver my papers for me – I don’t think I could be that good in four times my projected lifespan, I’ll be out there in the snow and the rain, handing out papers.

    For the rest of you, relax as best you can, enjoy the time you have with family, and enjoy the rural isolation that has kept us largely protected from the dreaded COVID-19. We can avoid large gatherings with far more ease out here.

    And rafts don’t need many people in them, though they may not make it far when the river is covered with ice.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Peace and earth.

    Oh, and Happy Channukuh, for those of you who observe that.

    And a Happy New Year that is hopefully less COVID variants.