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Councillor brings Notice of Motion to add Landfill Weight Scales


Whereas, the Township of Whitewater Region modified landfill fees and users have expressed concerns with increases and affordability;

Whereas, a study is underway to maximize the useful life of the landfill and look at site improvements;

Therefore be it resolved that Council of the Township of Whitewater Region direct staff to prepare a report on the feasibility of introducing weight scales at the landfill in 2021 and how such a project would be funded.

Councillor Dave Mackay said he received “tons of complaints” regarding pricing of vehicles, and argued that weight scales would provide accurate costs.

“I think the landfill operations is one of our key functions in our Township.” Said Councillor Nicholson. “I think we’re doing the best with what we have, but I think we need to take it up at the next level.”

He said that scales and electronic reporting would also deal with errors regarding written errors for allocating charges.

“This is going to cost a lot of money, and if we don’t deal with this now, future COuncils will be dealing with this down the line.” he said.

Councillor McLaughlin said it “seems like the only fair way to do this.”

“Eventually the landfill is going to be full, and we’re going to be a transfer station, and we’re going to need a scale for then.” he said. “The only fair way to deal with that is with weight.”

Councillor Olmstead said: “Our community is growing at such an exponential rate. For whatever estimated lifespan on our landfill, I think it’s going to be half that.”

“Two weeks ago, I picked up 13 full bags of garbage from the parking ride to Cobden that I took to the dump.” he said, saying it was now closed off for good.

Mayor Moore said that regular dumpers along the road ‘were at it again’ with yard waste being dumped on public roads in Beachburg and Cobden.

The Motion was carried.