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Letters: Does the Mayor Want Economic Growth?


In last week’s edition of the Whitewater News Mayor Moore was quoted as saying:” It’s going to tear hell on our roads.” That’s in reference to the possible number of visitors to Mr. Kowalski’s Wilderness Tours proposed park.

When the mayor was running for office, as did almost all council members, he talked about the need for economic growth in Whitewater Region.

If there will be in fact 20k to 30K going to the proposed park between May and September that is a wonderful thing. For one thing it adds to the need for four lanes on highway 17.

Visitors bring money and jobs into Whitewater Region.

The only positive comment reported was from Neil Nicholson.

If the mayor doesn’t want tourists coming to Whitewater Region then he should resign and let someone else do the job.

Donald W. Deer P. Eng.