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Meet the Whitewater Region Business Council


Dear Friends,

As you may know I am a candidate for Reeve to represent our municipality —  Whitewater Region — on County Council.

For our Region to prosper, there needs to be changes at the County level. I am running because I am one of the very few who are even aware of the problems and best positioned to fix them.

My campaign is one issue – jobs and economic development.

Our greatest asset is our 500,000 linear feet of waterfront for living on the water or having views of the water. In both cases, our private property owners need severances approved quickly and affordably. To obtain severances now is more trying than a military obstacle course both in time and expense. It should not be that way and I am committed to changing it.

I am also working with local business people to launch a business council. Our first event is a Meet the Candidates night at Whitewater Brewery in Cobden on Tuesday, October 2 at 7:30 p.m. The topic for each candidate is their plan for business and economic development. Join us, please.

Thanks, Joe