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My Candidacy


After my very close but unsuccessful run last term, circumstances require me to seek election to council Oct 22, 2018. Don’t get me wrong, we have a good council, but it needs to be better. There are many issues confronting government but it all starts with economic development. Without a growing tax base to fund initiatives, it is all for naught. On any journey, start at the beginning, and our starting point must be growth and development.

In the last election, I pushed for a Development Committee comprising pro growth councillors and ratepayers. To his credit, Mayor Johnson hosted the first meeting just last week, unfortunately, only in the 4th year of this council. While better late than never, I am determined this committee be a top priority for the next council.

Our region is on the cusp of tourism greatness. Tourism is more than jobs, it is quality of life which will attract even more residents, businesses and families to keep our schools open. As location becomes even more irrelevant in our inter-connected world, it is our opportunity to attract people to Whitewater Region. That is my primary goal and should be Council’s. I ask your support.
Thank you.