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Notice of Motion for Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team


Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team – Councillor Nicholson

Councillor Nicholson made a notice of motion to form a Ottawa valley Ontario Health Team:

“Recommendation: Whereas, as part of the provincial initiative to make health care more collaborative, integrated and patient-centred, a local team comprised of dozens of health and social service partners has been granted approval to establish the Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team (OVOHT) for our area. It is hoped that this new Ontario Health Team will make it easier for people to get the right care, at the right time, in the right place. The team that developed the region’s application includes representation from hospitals, long-term care, paramedic services, primary care providers, agencies that provide social services, palliative care, homecare, community care, as well as mental health and addictions care and public health. In addition, input was received from both our Indigenous and francophone populations, as well as patients and families within the represented communities; and
Whereas, the OVOHT has a catchment area that includes a broad and diverse set of communities in and around the Ottawa Valley. The OVOHT partners already enjoy a vast array of collaborations and partnerships across their shared areas of expertise, which will be an essential foundation in both the development and success of the new OHT. In addition, the unprecedented coming together of health care partners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has put in place many of the structures that will be helpful and necessary to roll out the work of the OHT. Backed by provincial funding, the OVOHT will spend its first year in operation focused on enhanced care for two priority groups within our population – frail seniors and those struggling with mental health and addictions. Areas of focus for the OHT will include increasing the number of individuals who have a primary care provider and improving awareness of the available services in our region that support our aging population to live healthfully in their home. This also holds true for those with mental health and addictions issues who should be able to access the care they need in the community in order to avoid emergency visits. The OVOHT will also work to advance digital health and information sharing which will not only help family doctors, nurse practitioners, and other providers; and
Whereas, the Whitewater Seniors Home Support and Active Living Pilot provides our community with community care as well as connections to home care through its partners: Carefor and Renfrew and Areas Seniors’ Home Support.  Through the intake of seniors seeking support, our coordinator and team of volunteers are becoming very aware of many of the challenges our senior community faces in accessing supports.  However, our organization is not a formal partner with the OVOHT even through it continues to collaborate with many of the organizations that comprise the OVOHT collaborative partner list.  If our Whitewater Seniors Home Support and Active Living Pilot was a partner, we would have the opportunity to participate in the collaborative partner forum and ensure the voice of our seniors community is represented as part of any discussions to address their needs.
Therefore be it resolved that Council of the Township of Whitewater Region endorse the Seniors & Older Adults Task Force’s participation in the OVOHT and authorize the CAO to enter into the required collaborative decision-making agreement, which will allow the Seniors Liaison Coordinator to formally participate as a wholesome partner with the OVOHT.

There were no questions.

“I know that it was a lot of work, and I thank you for that.” Mayor Moore told Councillor Nicholson.