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Power of words


Wordsmithing can have tremendous consequences, both good and bad. Changing “gambling” in to “gaming” turned “sin city” Las Vegas into wholesome family fun. Or at least that is the branding. That’s how I view politics and patriotism. Somehow, along the way, the word “politics” replaced “patriotism” and our patriots became politicians. I have always felt democracy’s two most patriotic acts are serving in the military and seeking public office. I feel especially proud I have done both.

I am sure you will agree, everyone who exposed themselves to the electoral process deserves our thanks and appreciation. I say thank you as well to the outgoing council and welcome to the new one. As I said during the candidates’ meetings, we are on the cusp of greatness and we challenge the new council to make sure it happens. Thank you to everyone who, not only voted for me, but voted. Democracy is alive and well in Whitewater Region.