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Regular Council Meeting June 2


The Township of Whitewater Region held their Regular Council Meeting at 4:49pm on June 2, conducted via Zoom and broadcast on Youtube.

“Instead of a Prayer, I would ask for a moment of silence for the 215 students found deceased at a residential school.” Mayor Mike Moore said, followed by a minute of silence.

There was no declaration of interest.

There were no notices of motion.

At 7:40pm, a motion was put forward by Mayor Moore to extend the time beyond 8pm.

Councillor Jackson suggested a limit, which the Mayor suggested a thirty minute extension.

CAO Trembley said that they needed to address the Closed Session due to ‘implication with the union decertification”, but that would take less than the 8:30 time.

The meeting went into closed session at 7:49pm, at which time the Youtube livestream ended.