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Regular Council Meeting May 5


Alexander Leach Editor-in-Chief

WHITEWATER REGION – The Township of Whitewater Region held its Regular Council Meeting at 4:46pm on May 5, conducted via Zoom call and broadcast via Youtube.

They Council held a moment of silence for Melle de Haan, who passed away at the age of 80.

“Melle was an instrumental part of the Westmeath ice . He could be found on or under the zamboni, tweaking it to make sure the ic was just perfect.” Mayor Moore said. “He just wanted to see the kids play Hockey.”

Councillor McLaughlin declared disclosure of interest on the library portion of the closed session, to which the CAO said would keep it to the very

Neil Nicholson also disclosed interest for 6.6, as it was his application. Clerk Carmen Miller said she would mute him.

The meeting ended with a closed session on Job Evaluation and compensation review, ending the live stream at 6:50pm.