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Regular Council Meeting
April 20


The Township of Whitewater Region had its Regular Council meeting on Wednesday, April 20, held in the Cobden Municipal Hall at 4:49pm.

The meeting featured a public meeting about McNab Braeside’s new recycling plant by Sustane industries by Mayor Tom Peckett of McNab Braeside, looking to secure the township’s support to send most landfill waste to the plant.


Reeve Cathy Regier gave Parks and Recreation head Jordan Durocher a farewell due to his departure from the Township of Whitewater Region to the Town of Petawawa.

“This will be Jordan’s Last meeting with us. “ Reeve Regier announced. “ Our loss here is the Township of Petawawa’s gain. I think that you will have a long career there.”

Durocher thanked Regier, to clapping.

Councillor Daryl McLaughlin announced a public meeting. “Tomorrow 6-8 there’s a public meeting at the arena.”

“Vera Cameron and Aura project in Beachburg, and we’re having an open house at the Cobden Arena” Lane Cleroux confirmed.

Councillor Nicholson talked about Seniors home and active living activities. “Wednesday evening [April 27th] at the Westmeath Recreation Center.”

He said there would be soup and sandwich in the Beachburg United Church on April 29th, and an adult magic show in Haley Station on Friday April 29th at the Haley United Church.

Mayor Moore said that Renrfew County Senior’s games was ‘a go this year’ with dates pending, operating for the first time since 2019.


Councillor Jackson asked if the Renfrew Senior Games were looking for sponsorship, and the Mayor said he would hand it off to staff.

“if there are some components of the events happening in Whitewater Regions, they could access an event grant. We could look at other methods of funding.. If not, we’ll bring it forward to council.”

Councillor Nicholson commented on the rentals for the zoning bylaw review or air-bnbs. “it is an issue.”

CAO Trembley said the zoning would look into “limiting zoning on waterfront.”

”The zoning bylaw review will not address parking or such, those are licensing schemes that future council will have to address.” he said.

Nicholson asked staff if communal septic systems and policies related to them would be addressed.

CAO Trembley asked Nicholson to forward it to him, so he could ‘forward it to the consultant.”

“It’s really about consolidation and bringing up to modern standards. This might require a more involved process. but if you send it to me then we will send it forward to eco-view.”

The meeting adjourned at 6:11pm.