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Alex Gets Feedback: Freedom To Be Sick of this Nonsense


Sorry if you’re sick of my poorly-groomed face, but I got considerable feedback on last week’s editorial regarding the trucker protest in Ottawa, and seeing as it has escalated to legal action – both in lawsuits from Ottawa downtown residents and in police seizing fuel for trucks – I figured I’d share the community’s responses.

It should also be noted that I spoke with an employee at the gas station in Cobden after my article went live, who said that the truckers who came through were entirely well-behaved, which I found heartening to hear.

Other comments received had a breadth of different opinions.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Alex Leach

We write in support of your opinion expressed in the February 3rd issue.about the truck convoy.

We have both witnessed and participated in peaceful, lawful, respectful protests to which resolution was achieved in a timely manner.

As residents of Cobden, and residing within a neighbourhood which borders the highway, on Friday, January 28 we witnessed nothing which resembled our protest memories.

We witnessed people gathering as early as 4:30pm with an increasing volume of anger, rage, intolerance; anti screams of “all manner of things under the sun.”

Constant horn blowing, multiple fireworks on both sides of the neighbourhood, in addition to repeated driving / speeding throughout the neighbourhood
All of this continued well beyond midnight; contributing to our fear of it escalating into a violent outbreak.

Your article expressing concern for the village of Cobden is justified.

In conversation with others, the question was asked : “but what can we do about it?”

Our response : “we can name it; we can speak up about it.
Thus this newspaper is an avenue for our voice.

We also heard from others about total disregard for the ‘Noise” bylaws and “firework” bylaws within the township.

Perhaps in desiring to be proactive it is time to put action to these bylaws.

This village needs to be a place for all to feel safe.; and as you concluded:
“We deserve better than this”.

Will & Margie Patterson


Why not give opinion from both sides of the story of the freedom convoy? That’s what a proper news venue would do. This ‘opinion’ is that of the minority and doesn’t even nearly encompass what the goal of the movement is about.

You’ve lost my respect as a news outlet in doing so. This is a very one sided article and follows the lies and hate feeling that the mainstream media is trying to portray. Very poor reporting on your part whitewater news.


Patricia Daly

Whitewater resident and proud freedom convoy supporter

Editor – Well, my opinion is my opinion, but I do enjoy rebuttal letters.


A very well written article on the, so called “truckers protest”. Thank you .. I agree 100%. Carol Leach

Editor – Well, thank you!