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4th Quarter Administration Report


“The Fourth quarter was really dominated by the budget, so I’d like to thank the treasurer [Sean Crozier].”

“For the Pandemic, we’ve adapted, so some of the services that weren’t online are now online.”

Ivan Burton said. “At whitewater metal, they’re progression the development quite quickly.”

He said the Committee of Adjustment “had four meetings since September.”

He said that 67 permits were issues, and 25 septic permits in fourth quarter.

A total of 270 permits were issued.

He said they had “continued to issue letters of support” for the upgrade of online infrastructure.

He also said they had finalized a transfer near Westmeath for “the development of a park.”

Councillor Nicholson asked to confirm that there was nothing more than semi-detached houses on the permits.

Burton clarified that there was “nothing with more than three units”, and that while staff had conversations with local developers on the subject but “there had been none.”

Mayor Moore askedfor a comparison of the previous year, but Burton said he didn’t know the numbers off his head.

Treasurer Sean Crozier said that 5.3% of the years taxes remained uncollected.

He said they had 21 tax sale files this year, ‘down from last year’.

Highlights included backyard chickens, and the Council Chambers’ audio system.

100 commissions were made in 2020 and 2 weddings.

Councillor Nicholson asked if any councillors can use Zoom to join an in-person meeting, which she confirmed they could.

For health and safety, Trembley said that there was an increase in health permits, with 50 this year.

He said that they also had a workplan for all departments, rather than just the CAO.

He said the current benefits plan was ‘cost effective’, and corporate insurance had an increase of $6000, “far less” than other regions.

He also said they’d received a grant of 24,000 for seniors assessment, an the Senior’s Task force reviewed the assessment as ‘excellent’.

He said Nathan Tubby has replaced Dave Brenner as rep.