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ATV Club Presentation


The Council of Whitewater region heard a presentation from Teresa Hebb, President of the Renfrew County ATV Club, on their plans to make ATV enthusiasts more informed and safe in the Whitewater Region.

“Essentially it is just letting you know how we are contributing to the safety of Whitewater Region.” Hebb said.

She said the sale of the CN railbed that goes through the City of Pembroke is a major concern for recreational vehicle users. “Until we can get ourself onto the Algonquin Trail, it cuts Whitewater Region off from the rest of the trail, as it is an east-west trail.”

She said she would like to designate certain roads “as an actual ATV route, to make people who are not familiar with whitewater region a route from point a to point b, who might not be aware of the safeest route.”

Mayor Moore said that the City of Pembroke was ‘debating’ whether to allow a route through the municipality.

Councillor Mackay asked: “Are you allowed to use the CN track that the snowmobile club uses?”

“We have a joint lease directly with CN from from Sept to December.” Tebb said, saying the Snowmobile Club also picks up the lease after the December ending.. “We partner on our lease.”

Councillor Nicholson offered to include the RCATV in the active transporation plan to be presented later in Council.

“I’d like to know that we are getting some infoboards and that we could advertise our businesses on those boards.

“I’m struggling to find a businessowner that we can put it at.” Tebb said. “We have a corproate membership with some businesses, and we would like to continue that.”