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Eco-friendly Lent: Here are some things you can give up

By Cheryl Santa Maria, Digital Reporter for theweathernetwork.com


ONTARIO — Participating in Lent? Here are some suggestions. Lent is a Christian event in preparation for Easter and it is officially underway. Typically, people are asked to give up something, or fast, during the 40 day period.

Some will use the opportunity to phase out their guilty pleasures like chocolate or chips. But over the past few years, a new trend is emerging with more and more people looking to benefit the environment. Here are some eco-friendly fasts you can try at home.

A plastic fast. Consider giving up plastic straws, replacing your shopping bags with canvas, and bringing cutlery to work or school.

A purchase fast. Buying new can create a lot of packaging. If you need something, see if you can borrow from someone before heading to the store.

A trash fast. Lent is a good time to look at the waste generated in your home and see if there are any ways to reduce it.

A takeout fast. Challenge yourself to eat at home and use up everything that’s in your fridge before buying new groceries.

An energy fast. If it’s comfortable to do so, try turning down your thermostat by a degree, and a little lower than that when you aren’t home or are sleeping. This isn’t just good for the environment — if you keep it up, it could also save you money.

A water fast. Consider taking shorter showers to cut back on water waste.

A car fast. Try to take public transportation. If your destination is close by, consider walking.