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Landfill Fees


The Township heard a notion of motion to prepare a report for landfill fees for the year of 2021.

Councillor Mackay said that “the landfill was getting full, but it was a shock to everyone that the fees went up. I think we should have sent a paper out informing people that the fees were going up 31%.”

He also said because they can’t afford scales, they need to measure the size of the truck, which includes the cab.

“People came to my house.” He said. “I had to use two magic words on some people.”, which refers to an explicative.

“You have a lot of plastic in farming.” He said. “Every bit of corn is wrapped in plastic, which should be reused. It’s good stuff.”

CAO Trembley said that there was notification and that measurement was not just truck. He suggested looking into getting weight scales.

Councillor McLaughlin said that he agreed with Councillor Mackay, and that the abrupt increases were startling to people.

“If you look at the increase year after year, the increase isn’t that big, but since we didn’t increase until now, it was drastic.” he said. “If we don’t increase every year, we’re suddenly into one big increase. If you take it over the 20 years, it’s not that much. It’s filling up fast, and there’s only one way to stop that.”

Councillor Olmstead said he was inundated at his business about the issue.

“I think it was a twofold issue.” he said. “People brought up that there is a one-time fee incoming.”

CAO Trembley clarified it was for curbside pickup, not for landfill.

Reeve Regier expressed agreement in Councillor Mackay.

“We already have these irresponsible dumpers, but we also have these people who just can’t afford it, but our ditches might fill up.”

Mayor Moore said that the point of curbside pickup was to help limit trips to the landfill.

“We need more education.” he said.

Councillor Jackson said that the Township needed to be aware that “we have not set our tax rate yet.” but suggested that “I don’t think it’s fair that the taxes pay for the users.”

She also suggested that anyone who burned garbage should be reported to the fire department.

“I see that it was acceptable 50 years ago, but it’s not acceptable now.”

Councillor Nicholson said that it would be a “split between users, and tax funds. We have to find a balance between it, and maximize it with those who use it, and minimize it for those that don’t. It’s a balancing act.”

Councillor Mackay said “It’s a shock. It’s almost 100%.”

CAO Trembley said that they would bring back a report.

He said that the landfill revenue only pays for “half the operating fees”.

Councillor Olmstead said he would like to investigate that they’re not getting garbage from other regions.

Mayor Moore asked if they had the authority to “prevent others from dumping on our property.”

CAO Trembley said that it would ‘comprise part of the report’.

The motion was carried.