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Marc Audet to Play at Bromley Historial Society


Submitted by Blaine Marchand

On Saturday, July 9th at 2pm, the Bromley Historical Society begins its 2022 series of events on a high note, – an afternoon of song and history featuring Ottawa Valley rising singing star, Marc Audet. The get-together will take place in the Old Town Hall, 498 Micksburg Road in Osceola.

In his work, Audet, who hails from Deep River, explores the heritage of the Ottawa Valley in songs that touch on farms, flooded villages, taken lands, and frontier roads. His debut album, released in 2015, was called The River.

He recently released a video and music project, Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley. His lyrics drew inspiration after he explored the crumbling remains of logging camps, farmsteads and wagon roads throughout the Ottawa Valley. The physical evidence of these relics are fast being overtaken by lost forests. Audit’s goal is to create stories about them before they are forgotten.

He is currently at work on his second album. CDs of his songs will be on sale at the event.

“My hope is that many people across Canada,” he said in an interview, “will take an interest in learning and experiencing the rich history and long heritage of the Ottawa Valley.”

The afternoon event will be preceded by a short Annual General Meeting.