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Notices of Motion May 18 Council


Livestock Culvert – 450 Rapid Road

Councillor Neil Nicholson put forward a notice of motion for Township staff to address the culvert at Rapid Road, which is in desperate need of repair or replacement.

“Recommendation: Whereas, the Bromley Farm utilizes a culvert under Rapid Road in the vicinity of #450 for the purposes of livestock; and
Whereas, the culvert has been in place for decades and has fallen into disrepair;
Therefore be it resolved that Council of the Township of Whitewater Region report back at the June 22, 2022 meeting on the culvert’s condition and any information pertaining to its history, potential agreements with respect to its maintenance, and next steps. “
“As the road developed, so did the culvert.” Nicholson said. “The culvert has eroded to the point where it no longer functions. I’m just seeking your support for Council to do the research and comes back with a report on what action to take.”

Councillor Nicholson also made a notice of motion to extend the Seniors active living pilot, to be brought forward at the June 3 meeting.